Ali Imran Zaidi is an LA-based writer of dark comedies, thrillers, sci-fi, and crime, and is a Florida escapee. Caught for years between concrete swamps and the rural Florida where people tend to disappear, he took odd jobs ranging from processing piles of Gulf shrimp at a fishhouse, to building tech in a hangar near Travolta’s secret lair. He’s lived on 3 continents, and his stories are spiked with that divergent and often darkly comic experience.

An inaugural fellow in Riz Ahmed’s Pillars Fund Artist Fellowship sponsored by Amazon Studios and Netflix, he’s also a 2022 Black List Feature Lab alum. Recently, he wrote for SoundTrip, an immersive, interactive audio story gamifying the listening experience, which launched as a live performance in an award-winning run at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. He also developed an original narrative audio series alongside Hillman Grad Productions, with Janina Gavankar and Hasan Minhaj attached to co-produce and star.

He’s currently helping write a video game for a robotics company trying to grow a digital intelligence toward sentience, in a manner that won’t result in it murdering us all. Hopefully.


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A Little More…

He has been featured on John August’s Scriptnotes, had an alt-history TV pilot featured on The Black List (JOHN BLACK RAVEN), completed an MPAC TV Drama Screenwriting Lab, and a Canon Filmmaker Lab on Directing, Cinematography, Producing and Editing. Also a 2020 ScreenCraft Sci-Fi TV PILOT WINNER (PSEUDOSAMINA), and multi-occasion feature semifinalist and finalist at the Austin Film Festival.

He’s also an occasional dabbler in experimental fiction and directing & cinematography.

And people say his pages are nice.



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